Author is Biological Science Technician at USDA ARS in Cheyenne, WY
BS Botany 1999, MS Horticulture 2001, Colorado State University

The American Chestnut Story   The fungal blight that destroyed one of America's most popular trees

Crop Influence on Human History   Plants that shaped mankind

History of the Tomato  From discovery to modern commercialism: 
                                   The complete story behind Lycopersicon esculentum.

Lycopene Analysis and Horticultural Attributes of Tomatoes. MS Thesis. (PDF)

Independent Domestication of Beans and Cotton

Management of Whitebark Pine (Pinus albicaulis) in North American Forests and National Parks

White Pine Blister Rust  The Story of White Pine, American Revolution, Lumberjacks, and Grizzly Bears

Phytoremediation  Strategies for using plants to extract toxic cadmium from soil

Plato's Forms versus Anselm's Ontological Proof: An Examination of God's Existence

Pre-European Pacific Migration of Plants   Evidence of trans-Pacific travel

Work: What is it good for? Ecopolitical essay on the origins and mechanations 
                                          of the workday motivation in America


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