Twin Mountain

Location: Medicine Bow National Forest; Vedauwoo; Southeast Wyoming east of Laramie
Access: Many ways to get there, but hereís one: From Happy Jack Rd east of Laramie, take FR707A west (the turnoff is about 1.8 miles south of the Blair-Wallis Rd), then take the first left on FR707AA and head southeast about 6/10th mile until the road crosses a wide meadow. Park along the road. FR707AA is fine for passenger cars.
Route: From FR707AA, itís about 1 mile cross-country to the summit over rocky terrain. There is no direct trail to the summit, though a network of trails may facilitate travel for some distances. Take a compass and head 230 degrees from the meadow, and that will get you there. You can often see the summit through the trees for course-correction. A bit of rock-hopping is required to reach the summit, but itís not scary. Elevation gain: 680í (8100-8780í). Allow about 1.5 to 2 hours for the round trip. 
Map: USGS 1:24K-scale quad = Sherman Mts East
Dogs: No restrictions, but canines will have a tough time getting to the summit because of the rock-hopping required. 
Webcam: Vedauwoo Exit cam (4 miles south)
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Fees: none

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July 4, 2009

Hike Haikus

Hiking Twin Mountain -
Mosquitoes bite viciously
Under a cloudy sky.

Dogs run up ahead
Appearing at intervals
Through pines and sagebrush.

Four wheelers in mud
Grinding engines down below
Shattering the silence.

Fresh green aspen stands
All neatly trimmed to the height
Of a grazing cow.

Sweaty and gasping
Up the steep rocky mountain
Green leaves with raindrops.

Mossy rocks near summit
Good shoes required for this
Great view is worth it.

South Peak, Twin Mt and Sherman Mt
View from the summit of the north peak of Twin Mt
Lush undergrowth near the summit

Twin Mt from starting point at FR707AA
A trail running parallel to the route I took up Twin Mt
Twin Mt hike
North route of Twin Mountain
Henry on Twin Mountain
South peak, Twin Mt
Makenzie and Henry are stymied by the tough terrain near the summit
Makenzie checks out the view
Surprisingly thick woods on the north face of Twin Mt

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