Ranger Lakes, Colorado

Location: Colorado State Forest; north-central Colorado
Maps: USGS 7.5' Quad: Clark Peak
Access:  From Ted's Place on Hwy 287, follow Hwy 14 west for 63.4 miles. The Ranger Lakes turnout is just past the Colorado State Forest Visitor Center. 
Fees: $6/vehicle or 2$/person if  no vehicle
Dog Regulations: Leash control
Weather: Current and recent conditions from your friendly, neighborhood NOAA
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Ranger Lakes is an area in the Colorado State Forest on the western side of Cameron Pass near Gould, CO. Itís about the farthest west on Highway 14 that one can hike and not be in the Park Range west of North Park. Mark and I drove there in December 1997 to snowshoe. That was the first time Iíd ever been snowshoeing, and it wasnít all that great, Iíd have to say. I believe the guy we rented our shoes from gave us too small a size because in unpacked snow, I sank all the way to the ground. The trail we were walking on had seen plenty of skiing so it was pretty well packed. We had a good time since it was sunny and fairly warm out (for December). That was the first time I had seen Cameron Pass in winter so that was worth the trip alone. We never got near anything that looked like a lake, although if we had we might not have seen what it was under all the snow. Instead, we hiked an unknown distance through evergreen forest with deep snow. It was quiet and beautiful. Canít ask for much more, uh? 
Driving west on Hwy 14 near Cameron Pass with the Nokhu Crags in the distance.
Mark slogging through the snow on the trail to Ranger Lakes, Dec 1997
The immutable law of single-shot photography at work.
Ranger Lakes Trail, December 1997

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