The Stupor Dog
January 2002

Vital Stats:
   Breed - German Shorthaired Pointer
   Birthdate - March 23, 2002
   Birthplace - Norton, KS
   Current Residence - Fort Collins, CO
   Max weight to date - 71 lbs

Special skills - able to find a thrown rock by scent anywhere in the woods
                          - able to play fetch forever
                          - frisbee catching

Is working on - learning how to drink
                          - holding the bladder for more than 10 minutes while outside
                          - learning to bend legs when running
                          - locating hiding humans

- Frisbee
- Food
- Racquetballs
- Sticks & Small Logs
- People who make noises
- Bones found while hiking
- Doritos
- Frank
- Solitude
- Pills
- Frank being ahead of her
- Sleeping outside of the covers
- Being indoors
- The crate
- Andra's dresses hanging near crate

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Begging Eyes
Log chewing. August 2002.
Makenzie in deep snow. December 2002
August 2002
My bone, you can't catch me!
Makenzie and Andra. December, 2002
All tuckered out after wrestling. December, 2002.
August 2002
Frank and Makenzie at Black Ridge Canyons, CO. October 2002

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