Frank is a Pointer, born on Halloween 1997. His exact pedigree is unknown, but I find he most resembles an English Pointer. I bought Frank from a woman in Denver in January 1998, and although at times he's driven me bananas, he has, overall, been the best dog ever to share my home.  Always the gentleman, Frank introduces himself courteously to others, and is always extremely friendly.  Frank enjoys frolicking with members of his own species as well, and he will never pass up the opportunity to wrestle with Scooter next door or chase Mattie and Murphy down the street.  Frank plays ball forever, and catches the frisbee with gusto and refined skill.  See more of his frisbee playing here. Among his favorite things in life are: ice cubes, rawhide bones, soap bubbles, twigs, anything dead (the longer the better), any type of animal excrement (yuck!), walking or running, hiking, camping, people, people coming home, and playing chase.  Among his dislikes in life:  vacuum cleaners, laundry baskets, solitude, loud profanity aimed at him for something he did, baths and musical instruments.  Now that you know a little about the little guy (50 pounds or so), sit back and enjoy the wonder that is FRANK
NEW 11-4-02 Frank celebrates his 5th Birthday
Frank and Makenzie Wrestling Photos 11-9-02

Darn! I think I blinked!
Whatchyou talkin' bout, Willis?
Frankie goes west
What a stud
Jumping for frisbee
Frank looks groovy for the ladies
Frank as Max (the Grinch's dog) Hallloween 1998
Jumping for bubbles
The frolicking fool
Halloween 1998


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